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One of the best British films ever is streaming on Apple TV+ and Amazon Prime | Films | Entertainment

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Directed by David Lean from a screenplay by Noël Coward, based on his 1936 one-act play Still Life, Brief Encounter is considered one of the greatest films of all time.

The 1945 romantic drama starring Celia Johnson (who was Oscar-nominated for her role) and Trevor Howard was ranked second in the BFI’s 1999 ranking of best British films.

Meanwhile, in 2017 Time Out polled 150 actors, writers, producers and directors who voted the film the 12th greatest British movie ever.

The 87 minute picture follows an extramarital relationship during a chance “brief encounter” at a railway station shortly before World War II.

The film holds an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score of 93 per cent positive reviews.

Brief Encounter’s Critics Consensus reads: “Brief Encounter adds a small but valuable gem to the Lean filmography, depicting a doomed couple’s illicit connection with affecting sensitivity and a pair of powerful performance.”

The movie classic is available to stream on two platforms, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+.

On Prime Video you can buy the film in standard definition for £3.49. Meanwhile on Apple TV+ you can rent the movie for £3.49 in HD or buy it in the same picture quality for £4.99.

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