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O2 gives EE, Three and Vodafone mobile customers £276 off monthly bill | Personal Finance | Finance

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Mobile firm O2 is offering to save Three, EE and Vodafone customers up to £176 in a single month if they change to its network.

That’s because O2 offers free roaming inside the EU for people going on holiday and the operator says that the savings against the daily charges would put £176 back in your pocket across a month-long stay abroad as compared to Vodafone, Three or EE customers.

The implication here is for holidaymakers jetting off to Spain, France, Italy, Greece and other EU nations. According to figures provided by O2, their average customer saves approximately £138 in a two week holiday (or £276 in a month) compared to customers from Vodafone, Three, EE or Sky Mobile.

The saving stems from O2 not charging for pricey data roaming within EU countries, up to 25GB of data per month.

Data roaming occurs is when you make use of your mobile phone’s data on a foreign network rather than your home network. It’s often costly, with Three, EE and Vodafone all stopping free roaming after Brexit, leaving only O2 the only major network offering the benefit to its customers now.

For comparison, EE charges £2.47 daily, which equates to £138.32 for a two-week break or £276.62 for a month, Sky charges £2 per day (£112 per fortnight, £224 a month), Vodafone charges £2.42 per day (£135.20 per two weeks or £270.40 monthly) and Three charges £2 per day (£112 per holiday or £224 per month).

An O2 spokesperson said : “With summer holidays around the corner, O2 has revealed that their inclusive EU roaming offering could save families up to £138 for a two-week holiday to France, compared to their market competitors. Ooh la la! ” They further highlighted: “With EE, Sky Mobile, Vodafone, and Three all charging up to £2.47 per person per day for roaming, this almost equates to the price of a coffee or a croissant each day.”

“This means families of four could be coming home to a shocking phone bill of up to £138.32 after their two-week holidays. This money could be spent on a new summer wardrobe, a fancy meal out, or even a flight off to somewhere else this Summer.

“By comparison, as the only major network operator to offer free EU Roaming up to 25GM, O2 is helping to protect customers from getting burnt by unwanted roaming costs, as well as by the sun.”

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