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NS&I responds after Premium Bonds customer can’t cash in Bonds due to login error | Personal Finance | Finance

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A Premium Bonds customer was frustrated to be effectively locked out of their account for several days after a login error.

The unhappy saver initially contacted NS&I over X on Wednesday, February 7, to ask how long it takes for a password reset to be sent out in the post.

They claimed they needed access to their account quickly and had been “waiting days” for the document.

The provider responded that the document should arrive within three to five working days for UK residents.

Responding again, the customer reiterated they needed access to their account by Friday, and claimed they had tried to log in to cash in some Bonds, but the login system wouldn’t accept their answers to the security questions.

They added: “I have been assuming it was sent. I have just tried again today and requested it again.”

Writing to NS&I again on Friday, February 10, the customer said: “Getting annoyed now, I need to cash in some Bonds but because this b****y letter still hasn’t arrived I’m stuck with no access to my account.”

The savings provider encouraged them to call the group’s helpline for an update on their replacement password.

They also sent them a link to this webpage to cash in their Bonds.

Another customer recently got in touch with the provider over X after they couldn’t get through on the group’s phone service.

They had Premium Bonds prizes to cash in from the November, December, January and February draws, but were unable to get through on the phone to sort out the problem.

They said they had made seven attempts to get through on the phone but had been cut off each time.

NS&I said in response: “When you call, you will be connected with our virtual assistant. Just ask to speak with an operator and it will put you through to someone who can help.”

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