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NHS workers can get these discounts and save on cars, homes and entertainment | Personal Finance | Finance

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Our ethos at MoneyMagpie is to save everyone as much money as we can (and help you make extra cash, too). And this week, we’re going to focus on how you can save money with NHS discounts from your grocery shop to buying a house – yes, really!

Who qualifies for an NHS discount will vary from retailer to retailer, so it’s important to check the fine print. Some require you to be a current member of staff with the NHS.

Others will accept former members of staff and their families, so even if you think you’re not eligible anymore because you’ve changed jobs, it’s always worth a look.

You can check discount eligibility with each retailer, or search online for NHS discount schemes which let you buy a card for a small membership fee to access some big savings at retailers and suppliers.

What About Other Key Workers?

NHS discounts are typically the same as those labelled ‘key worker’ discounts, although again this may vary. If you work in the Armed Forces, are a teacher, care worker or other key worker, you could be eligible to receive these (or similar) discounts, too. Check the Ts and Cs of any discount on offer to make sure you’re not missing out.

NHS Discount on Entertainment

You can claim a discount on a wide range of home and family entertainment if you’re an NHS worker. When you book your holiday through TUI, for example, Google Holidays for Heroes to find the secret page that’ll give you an extra £100 off bookings over £1200. Holidays under that still get £30 off, plus the discount is on top of other TUI discounts!

For entertainment days out, check out the NHS discount for the Merlin Pass, which offers a reduced fee for their annual entry pass. That’s a one-off cost for a year’s worth of entry to Merlin attractions such as Madame Tussauds, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Chessington, Legoland, and most Sea Life aquariums. If you want to stay at a resort, you’ll get 20% off the booking price with your annual pass, too.

For special events, look at experience day retailers such as Red Letter Days, which offer an NHS discount whether you’re buying for yourself or you’re buying someone a gift with your special discount to save money on a big present.

Save Money on Your Car

Many NHS workers rely on their car, some to commute to their hospital, hospice, or GP surgery where they work every day – while others who work in the community will drive a lot on each shift as they visit patients. Motorfinity is one of the best places to look for a discounted car, either on purchase price or on a finance plan, as they have special key worker discounts for vehicles.

Gym Membership Reduced Fees

Check your local gym to find out if they offer an NHS concessionary rate for their members. Independent gyms and chain franchises may offer a discount, some for you personally while others will give you a discount for your partner or a family membership, too.

PureGym David Lloyd, and Anytime Fitness all offer discounts or zero joining fees for NHS workers, while Nuffield Health offers up to 30 percent off membership at its wellbeing centres.

Save on Food and Drink

Save on grocery deliveries with Morrisons, who offer a free annual delivery pass (worth £65 at time of writing) to NHS workers. If Asda is more your thing, you can get exclusive discounts and 10 percent off every shop using their Rewards app. If you like to buy in bulk to save money, NHS workers are eligible to access a Costco membership, too.

For meals out, chains such as Bella Italia, Beefeater, Yo! Sushi, and even McDonald’s offer a key worker discount. Check the Ts and Cs on their website before you go, as some might limit menu options or times in which the discount is permitted.

Key Worker Home Buying Discounts

You read that right – you could get a discounted house! Developers will often run key worker home buying discounts, so make sure you look at what’s on offer in the area you want to buy. Barratt Homes, for example, has their Key Workers Deposit Scheme, which gives you an extra £1,000 towards your deposit for each £20,000 you spend on a house. So, for a house costing £325,000 you’ll get a huge £16,000 towards the deposit.

As we always say at MoneyMagpie, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So, even if somewhere isn’t promoting a specific NHS discount, concession, or bonus, there’s no harm in asking. You might be surprised at what’s secretly on offer!

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