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‘My neighbour’s dog broke into my garden and ate something’

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Enjoying your outdoor space in the warmer months is part and parcel of summertime – from BBQs, to fun boozy gatherings with friends, it’s a fabulous time of year.

But when one woman was enjoying the sun with her pals, she was left seething at a neighbour’s dog, as it “broke in”, and then proceeded to dig up her garden. But that wasn’t all, as the cheeky pooch also ate something it certainly shouldn’t have.

The woman mentioned that she’d had issues with the dog in the past, and she’s “mentioned this multiple times in the past”, to no avail. Taking to Reddit, she explained that it doesn’t “bother her crazy”, but it is irritating to her.

She wrote: “Yesterday, my neighbour’s dog came into my backyard and dug through the fence. It ended up trampling some plants, wrecked a few others, and ended up eating some cayenne peppers.

“I was pretty p***ed, but not crazy distraught or anything to do something wild to the dog, however I didn’t tend to it or anything like that.”

When the neighbour came back and found out that the woman hadn’t done anything about the dog eating the peppers, he was seriously annoyed. The woman admitted that the dog “seemed miserable from the spice”, but she didn’t care because it had broken into her garden.

“I told him the dog willingly broke through my garden and messed up my plants and it’s not my responsibility to take care of it after”, she fumed.

She said that they ended up “having an argument” about it, admitting that her fiance told her that she was in the wrong for not doing something about it.

In the comments, however, many assured her that she’d not done anything wrong. One wrote: “Suggest to your neighbour that they use a staked down and long leash to contain the dog since your fence wasn’t even able to keep the dog out. The dog owner is the ONLY one responsible for their dog. They failed to anticipate and you are under no obligation to that dog. Moreover, don’t forget to remind the dog’s owner to remedy the damages done to your property by filling in the hole and replanting the peppers.”

Someone replied: “Those are actually pretty dangerous for dogs, I get that the dog owner is the problem, but I don’t understand why the first option isn’t keeping the dog inside when the owner isn’t there.”

“Agreed. Their pet, their responsibility, not yours. However, there is the matter of the dog damaging your garden. If they say something again, I hope you have photos and go to small claim court”, another responded.

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