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‘My boyfriend spoils me by giving me his credit card to buy whatever I want’

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Chloe Khan, who splits her time between Dubai and the exclusive London district of Belgravia, posted a TikTok video sharing a typical shopping spree in her life.

In the video, the 32-year-old humorously mentioned that her boyfriend anticipated her to return with just a black Dior bag valued at $9,600.

However, she playfully revealed that she exceeded expectations and came back with an even more extravagant haul.

Khan’s shopping spree took an opulent turn as she not only acquired a stack of Dior bags but also indulged in a purchase that added a furry friend to the mix.

During her extravagant haul she introduced a Pomeranian puppy named Dior, adorned in a Dior doggy jacket.

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One fan pointed out: “She is a self-made millionaire,” which Khan herself highlighted, as the owner of an extensive financial portfolio, which includes multiple properties, investments, and a webcam business.

“Im joking. I do buy my own Dior and I paid for our Pomeranian. It’s just a TikTok. I don’t need an award. Rather give my man the credit,” she said.

In a previous video, Khan sparked outrage among her followers by joking about being “high maintenance.”

She quipped: “When he thinks you’re just Louis Vuitton high maintenance but you are private jet, yacht, and fine jewellery high maintenance.”

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