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Mum kicks her 17-year-old daughter out so she can enjoy retirement: ‘Not fair on us’

A mum has sparked a debate after revealing she kicked her 17-year-old daughter out of the house so she could enjoy her retirement.

The woman, who recently retired, shared her story on , explaining that she didn’t want to raise another baby during her golden years.

The teenager, who is seven weeks pregnant and determined to keep the baby, was hoping her parents would help with childcare.

But her mum was having none of it: “Her: I’ll get a job. Me: Who’s going to watch the baby while you’re at work? Her: I thought you and Dad could. Me: Absolutely not, I’m not raising another baby.”

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The situation escalated when the daughter assumed her parents would help look after the baby while she worked. The mum, however, was adamant about enjoying her retirement without the responsibility of raising another child.

“I’m very recently retired, and my husband is retiring in exactly 11 months (there’s a countdown), and this is not how I want to spend my retirement years. It’s not fair to us.

“So, I told her that she has until the baby is born to find a place to live,” she explained.

Despite her husband’s reluctance, the mum stood firm on her decision, asking fellow Redditors if she was in the wrong for giving her daughter the ultimatum.

This sparked a debate about responsibility and the right of the mother to protect her retirement.

One user commented: “You can be upset she wants to keep the baby, but that’s ultimately not your or ‘every other adult in her life’s’ choice to make.

“I think you’re correct that she is assuming you will be more of a caretaker than you’d like to and maybe isn’t thinking things through, as a normal teenager.”

Some agreed with the mother, while others stressed the daughter’s right to choose.

Amidst the discussions, people shared personal experiences of being young parents, highlighting the difficulties faced by them and the impact on their families.

One mum shared: “Having been through this myself, the hardest part for your daughter is going to be finding a well-paying first-shift job.

“The sucky part is that most jobs for people this age are service requiring work past 6 p.m. There are very few daycares that are open past 6 p.m.”

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