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Meghan Markle ‘did not’ receive £2K earrings for free as jewellery company slams claims | Royal | News

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He later invested £250,000 in their business and said it was their link to Meghan that sealed the deal.

“The moment you told me about hounding down Meghan Markle, you had me,” he quipped.

But just because Meghan didn’t get these earrings as a gift, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t accepted freebies before.

Prince Harry revealed his wife accepted free gifts that were sent to her at Kensington Palace, and would distribute them among her staff.

“She shared all the freebies she received, clothes and perfumes and make-up, with all the women in the office,” he wrote in his memoir Spare.

However, this stirred up trouble for Meghan, as one assistant was fired after she “traded on her position with Meg to get freebies”, Harry shared.

Meghan and Kate’s outfits are super popular and sell out fast. Royals like to buy their own clothes so no one thinks they’re taking free stuff from designers.

Harry thought Meghan and Kate didn’t click because Kate wanted to help Meghan with fashion contacts, but Meghan had it covered.

“But Meg had her own. They’d got off on the wrong foot, perhaps,” he said.

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