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Meghan Markle broke royal tradition in Jamaica and late Queen wouldn’t have approved | Royal | News

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Even Meghan is said to have chosen the shade to attend royal engagements.

But last week the duchess broke the royal tradition when she went for a typical short and French manicure. Meghan wore a beige base with white tips on very square nails.

The style dominated the 2000s while it’s still quite popular among women.

But a nail technician commented on Meghan’s nail choice and suggested it hints at her own approach to life after leaving the Royal Family with Prince Harry back in 2020.

Seriah Leslie, nail technician at Young LDN, told HELLO!: “Queen Elizabeth was the pioneer for this as her favourites were Essie ‘Ballet Slippers’ and ‘Mademoiselle’.

“Since Meghan has left her royal duties, we’ve seen her branch out in different new trends from dark nails to now the classic French manicure which symbolises freedom and independence while sharing her own genuine creative flare.”

The manicurist added that French manicures were very popular in the 1970s, especially on movie sets “to eliminate the need to switch out colours between shoots.”

She explained: “French manicure is the optimism of classic. The ladies of today switch it up with different colours but the classic white will always be a staple.

“Square nails are the most natural-looking nail shape and easiest to maintain and look best with Meghan’s slender fingers.”

Leslie explained that it’s very easy to recreate Meghan’s mani at home: “Using your favourite sheer pink nail polish apply two thin coats evenly on the nails.

“Use a bright white nail polish [and] use a thin tip of the brush to make a straight line at the edge of the nail.”

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