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Martin Lewis rages at Tories for using vid of him to attack Labour tax | Politics | News

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Martin Lewis, the founder of the Money Saving Expert website, has fumed on social media at the Conservative Party after a clip of him speaking was used in a political advert attacking Labour’s plans for tax after the general election.

The financial guru moved quickly to distance himself from the Tory attack ad, which appeared to show Martin Lewis agreeing with the analysis that Labour would put up taxes by £2000 for working people. Mr Lewis was emphatic in stating that “NO WHERE” in the clip did he discuss taxes.

He clarified that his comments were actually about, what he called, a “positive change” that Labour intended to implement. But, like Sir Keir Starmer, the Money Saving Expert was unable to elaborate on what that change would be.

The video, taken from Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain episode, featured Mr Lewis discussing his behind-the-scenes interactions with both the Tories and Labour.

He said: “I had a conversation with a senior member of the Labour Party, a private conversation, as I do with both parties and the exact phrase they used with me, when I asked about a particular policy, they said: “We’re not putting it in our manifesto because I can’t commit. We’ll do it but it is my aim we will do it over the next Parliament,” reports the Mirror.

However, when the Conservatives shared the clip on X/Twitter, it was captioned: “They’re not telling you the full truth. Labour have said they wouldn’t put up your taxes. But it’s now becoming clear that they have every intention to put them up,”

Mr Lewis responded on social media, using uppercase letters to show his indignation at being used by the Tories, asserting: “NO WHERE in this comment do I talk about taxes. And the policy that I discussed (i will keep private as it was private) was NOT about taxes, or tax rises, it was about something that would be a positive change.”

Rishi Sunak has made each of the major party’s plans for tax and spending after the general election on July 4 the forefront of his political campaign, promising tax cuts to workers and a “triple lock plus” for pensioners. But, he has come under fire from the media for his £2000 bombshell Labour tax claim, something the Money Saving Expert was keen to distance himself from.

After Mr Lewis’ angry criticism of the advert, one social media user asked him what he had meant, the money expert said he had been taken out of context. Mr Lewis replied: “I think you may be looking at an out of context clip, which I’m complaining is out of context and one I’d not have used without the context.

“Within context it was useful and relevant. Feel free to watch the show back.”

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