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Man’s genius bottle hack lets you drink from new ‘annoying’ caps with ease

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A capped bottle hack has shown members of the public how they have been drinking wrong for their entire lives.

Members of the public moaning about the addition of caps attached to the bottle with plastic may be relieved to see a hack in practice. Flipping the lid and pulling it over the top of the bottle means the lid is no longer in the way.

One TikTok user trialled the hack and found the correct way to drink from a bottle. People were impressed to see the hack in action, with one writing: “I didn’t know they could do that.”

The hack was trialled by AndreLifeHack, who showed how to keep the lid out of the way when taking a drink in a viral post.

Demonstrating the lid was stuck to the bottle and showing how to move it out of the way, Andre inverted the lid and pushed it down to the other side. It was a move which blew the minds of some viewers.

One wrote: “The way my jaw dropped with the bottle.” The simple trick was showcased alongside a series of life hacks trialled by Andre.

But some were less than impressed and suggested either drinking from the side or to not complain about the bottle caps. They wrote: “For some, this is too difficult and they whine about bottle caps.”

Another user suggested: “I mean… for the first one I just drink it with the lid to the side?”

One user says the hack was not needed and instead had a trick of their own to keep the lid out of the way. “I just rip the cap off with my teeth,” they claimed.

Similar suggestions followed and some were left ripping the lid off. One wrote: “For the bottle lid just rip it off! They get on my t**s!”

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