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Man stunned at hefty bill for sandwich lunch at pub | Weird | News

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A man was left gobsmacked after being hit with a hefty bill for just four items at a local pub.

Leigh Keystone, from Wales, took to social media to share his eye-watering receipt, asking if it was ‘normal’ to be charged so much for such a small order. Although he’s not a regular pub-goer, the 58-year-old decided to support a ‘local/family business’ and popped in for lunch last Thursday.

The receipt reveals that Leigh and possibly his wife ordered two cheese sandwiches with chips, along with two soft drinks – one Pepsi Max with ice and another half glass of the same.

Incredibly, the total came to £32.50 – and that’s without any service charges. “Is this normal for a bog standard pub?”, Leigh asked the internet. “The wife has said if I mention that a half of [Pepsi] was £3.60 again, she’ll leave me!!”

While you may assume a full-sized Pepsi Max is double the price of a half glass, this wasn’t the case at all. In fact, there was only a 40p difference, with a full glass costing £4.00.

The cheese sandwiches were priced at an eye-watering £9.95 each, with the two portions of chips adding another £5 to the bill. Although Leigh didn’t publicly name the West Wales pub, he made it clear he wouldn’t be returning for another meal.

“I will be avoiding this place like the plague from now on,” he said, before later adding: “It was a rare day out. But never again…I think this one relies on the passing tourist trade with its main road location, but still, there’s not many tourists here during the winter months.”

Unsurprisingly, Leigh’s extortionate pub receipt soon ignited a spirited debate on the web, garnering hundreds of reactions. Sympathising, one person wrote: “That’s why the only pubs that are thriving are the ‘Spoons! They got it priced right. No need to rinse your customers as will never go back.”

But another user soon jumped to the pub’s defence, writing: “It’s probably unfair to compare one of the largest UK pub chains to a small family business. Once the small pubs and independents have gone then the monopoly will be decided and it may end up like the supermarket situation.”

Despite this, others were too busy looking at the receipt’s hilarious spelling mistakes to comment on these prices at all. One user quipped: “How can they charge so much when they can’t even have the decency to spell properly … ‘sandwhich’.”

Another also joked: “What the f*** is a sandwhich?”, as someone else said: “It’s obvs a posh version of a sandwich – you pay a tenner for the extra aitch!”

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