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LED face mask targets wrinkles, pigmentation and acne

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LED face masks are having a boom in the skincare market, with celebrities including Victoria Beckham using hi-tech masks to improve the appearance of their skin.  

The skincare tech is perfect for those looking to save money on expensive beauty facials and anti-ageing treatments. While leading brands like CurrentBody might set you back £299, UK salon brand Bondi Body offers a slightly cheaper LED mask with four different infrared light settings.

The mask usually retails for £249 but is currently reduced to £199, making it £100 cheaper than the CurrentBody version. The face-hugging mask treats different skin concerns including acne, hyperpigmentation, dull skin and wrinkles.

Offering wavelengths from 450nm to 850nm, the red light increases circulation between blood and tissue cells, which is beneficial for wound healing and skin hydration. It can repair skin and boost new cell growth, which eventually improves skin texture.

The blue light is best for acne-prone users as it reaches the dermis layer to reduce acne bacteria. It also works well to repair sun-damaged skin and aids in brightening the complexion.

Yellow light can treat inflammations and enhance skin rejuvenation as it stimulates the production of red blood cells. Purple light penetrates the deepest in the dermis layer, claiming to “reduce the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation” and even out skin tone.

Our writer committed to a 10-minute routine three to four times a week for a skin transformation and it’s been delivering promising results. “I decided to try out the red light option which reduces inflammation, fine lines and stimulates the production of collagen – and after one week, my skin already looked brighter and firmer,” she said.

“Even my friends have noticed my glowing skin too, with some asking if I’ve had Botox!”

Reviews from shoppers say similar, one said: “Though it’s a 10-minute routine, it comes with a remote control with timer display and light selection. The additional eye shields give me comfort when wearing the mask so it won’t slide off while I work on other things at home.”

One shopper who suffers from rosacea said the blue and purple light “calms the redness”, explaining: “My skin is calmer and the red patches on my chin have reduced, but the pore size remains the same. I might need to continue using it to see a difference.”

However, some said they struggled to see any difference after using it for four weeks.

Other options include the BeautyPro Photon LED Mask, which is £195 on Lookfantastic, with five light settings including a black option to target visible signs of skin ageing. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more than an LED mask, Therabody’s TheraFace Mask is a Class II medical device.

It claims to treat your skin concerns while delivering massage vibrations around the eyes, browline and scalp to ease tension and energise tired eyes. 

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