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Keep white bedding clean and bright using cleaning fan’s perfected routine

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Maintaining the crisp brightness of white bedsheets can be a daunting task, especially for those with pets and children.

However, a recent Reddit post seeking advice on this very topic has sparked a flurry of responses from individuals eager to share their tips and tricks for keeping white bedding looking fresh and clean.

The original post, which garnered significant attention on the platform, expressed a desire to achieve the pristine look of hotel-quality bedding at home while acknowledging the challenges of maintaining white linens.

They asked: “So I love the look of a bright, clean, airy bed and I already have some white bedding but I feel like it’s hard to keep clean, and aside from laundry stripping.

“I wanted to know if anyone had any tips for how to stay on top of keeping white sheets/bedding clean?”

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Another Reddit user suggested: “I have white sheets and a white comforter and three dogs.

“Keeping it clean is hard – I wash weekly and use vinegar, laundry soap, and warm water. When I need to spot clean I’ve been using some oxy-clean spray that I’ve had for years.

“In the past, I’ve used oxy-clean powder for white, for the most part, I don’t use any harsh chemicals in my house and I prefer the natural route.

“I will also use the ‘soak’ option on my washer and have them soak for an hour or more if need to during the wash cycle. So far they’re still mostly white but I think it’s impossible to keep them super crispy bright white.”

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