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John Wick 5 – Ian McShane on ‘Winston is John Wick’s father’ tease in Chapter 4 | Films | Entertainment

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Throughout the four John Wick movies, Ian McShane’s Winston Scott clearly has a soft spot for the titular assassin.

Unlike other disposable hitmen, the New York Continental Hotel boss has backed Keanu Reeves’ character time and again, even when he broke the rules.

Following the events of John Wick Chapter 4, fans are now theorising that Winston is, in fact, his father.

After Wick’s apparent death – let’s not forget we never saw a body – Winston and the Bowery King visited his grave.

There the Continental manager said “Farewell, my son” in Russian, the native tongue of the assassin who was born Jardani Jovonovich in Belarus.

It was also revealed that Winston sported a Russian Orthodox Cross tattoo, meaning he has more in common with Wick than first thought.

Pressed on the fan theory that Winston is Wick’s father, McShane told Screen Rant in a new interview: “I know nothing, señor… but yeah, that was my idea at the end of that, to have the tattoo on my hand and to say in Russian, goodbye in Russian, ‘Dasvidanya, moy syn.’ But, it’s just a tease to the audience, who knows what they’ll come up with.”

The 81-year-old star then went on to tease that he’s been talking with Reeves about John Wick Chapter 5 and his return in Ballerina with the late Charon star Lance Reddick, who died last year.

McShane added: “No, I’m sure they’re working on another John Wick, possible 5, script. Keanu and I talk about it. The next chapter is Ballerina, which comes out in June, which is the spinoff with Ana de Armas, which takes place between 3 and 4. I get to work with my dear friend Lance Reddick — God bless you, kid — again on it.”

Ballerina, which co-stars Reeves, hits cinemas on June 7, 2024 and John Wick: Chapter 5 is TBC.

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