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Jessie J reveals she has been diagnosed with ADHD and OCD | Ents & Arts News

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Singer Jessie J has announced she has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

The 36-year-old Price Tag singer said in a post on Instagram that she was diagnosed about three months ago after giving birth to her first son “exposed” the conditions more.

She went on to describe her ADHD as a “superpower” which has “made her re-think” her whole life, including how she works.

“It’s empowered me and honestly sometimes has overwhelmed me all at the same time,” the singer, whose real name is Jessica Cornish, said.

“If there is one thing social media has given me, it’s the chance to relate, connect and heal with strangers that have kinds hearts and are going through a similar thing.

“It has made me love myself even more. I’m hugging 11-year-old me.”

ADHD is a condition that affects people’s behaviour and can make people seem restless or impulsive, according to the NHS website.

The health service says that OCD is a mental health condition where a person has obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours that can interfere with their life.

Describing some of her compulsive behaviours, the east London born and raised singer said as a child she would clean her trainers with a toothbrush when she was stressed and has always made lists to “not feel like life will crumble”.

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Reaching out to others with ADHD and OCD, she added: “I know there are so many people that are going through this same thing and I’m honestly just reaching out to hold your hand and because I need mine held too.

“Here’s to getting to know yourself even more through life. And loving yourself all the way.”

Cornish gave birth to her son, Sky Safir Cornish Colman, last year, having previously been open about her fertility struggles and suffering a miscarriage.

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