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Ivanka Trump wows in ‘elegant’ designer dress

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Reportedly costing $24million (northwards of £18.8million), Ivanka Trump‘s Miami mansion is loose change compared to the former First Daughter’s net worth.

Forbes reported Ivanka Trump’s net worth is around $375million (northwards of £294million), which means treating herself to a plethora of designer outfits is no biggie.

In her latest Instagram post, Ivanka Trump models a designer dress crafted by the mum-daughter duo, Bernadette and Charlotte de Geyter.

Their fashion brand, BERNADETTE, houses beautiful dresses in the region of £700, and the range extends to homeware and tableware too.

Posing in an outside archway decorated with gorgeous green vines, outside of her house, Ivanka shows off a dress by BERNADETTE.

The modest full-length gown is clinched in at the waist and has an all-over pretty daisy print. Ivanka captioned the photograph: “Springtime vibes in the heart of winter – Miami’s perennial bloom.”

While spring doesn’t officially arrive in Miami until Tuesday, March 19, it would seem that the mother-of-three is keen to experience even warmer weather, as late January hits 23C in the sunny, coastal city.

The 42-year-old wore the beautiful designer dress with her long blonde hair in loose waves, framing her face and in front of her shoulders.

One fan, @Soniadiaz0606 said: “You are looking much more like your mom. She was so elegant and the sophistication was amazing.”

Ivanka’s mum, Ivana, sadly passed away in July 2022 as a result of “blunt impact injuries” after an accidental fall in her home, the New York City’s medical examiner said.

Another fan, @123oilers, said: “You’re gorgeous Ivanka and God bless you and your family.” There are some critics, however, such as @Hydrangea_777 who pleased: “Stop flaunting your wealth!”

Controversy surrounds the Trump family at present due to Ivanka’s father, Donald Trump. One disgruntled Instagram user, Princedenni, said: “Can you please stop your father from destroying the world because of his shortcomings? Thank you very much.”

Most recently, a New York jury decided Donald Trump should pay £65million for defaming columnist E Jean Carroll in 2019 when he was US president.

E Jean Carroll, 80, had been called a liar by Donald Trump, 77, after she accused him of sexual assault. Donald Trump has vowed to appeal the latest court ruling, calling the verdict “absolutely ridiculous”.

While Ivanka’s father campaigns to become America’s president again and is fighting court rulings, Ivanka is hiding away from the political stage.

Instead, Ivanka enjoyed a music concert at the weekend with her friends and husband, Jared Kushner, who all watched Calvin Harris perform on stage to a crowd of thousands.

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