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Ivanka Trump wears ‘outstanding’ monochromatic outfit in chilly New York

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High up from the ground on a cloudy day in New York, Ivanka Trump wore a classy number from fashion designer Sara Foster who co-owns the label Favorite Daughter.

The trouser-suit combination resembles the colour of one of the buildings in the background, which could arguably be described as light brown or tanned.

Ivanka‘s warm-looking two-piece is dressed with the same colour tie around the waist to create a womanly silhouette.

Peeking through the suit jacket, you can see Ivanka is keeping warm with a similarly shaded high-neck jumper.

Paired with dark brown high-heeled boots, the whole attire looks coherent and sophisticated. Her middle-parted hair looks to be blow-dried and brushed into big bouncy waves, and her makeup, as ever, is looking understated and chic.

Ivanka captioned the photograph “in a New York minute” with the Statue of Liberty emoticon on her Instagram.

One fan, Puresided said Ivanka looked “beautiful and vibrant”, while another, Carolyn.56 posted: “Beautiful captures. The suit is clearly designer. The quality and style is outstanding.”

There are a lot of commenters who want the Trump family back in the White House in Washington DC.

One Antogueva20 said: “Back to NYC Mrs future President!” JoeyStephen1990 added: “Gorgeous! Can’t wait to hopefully see your family in the WH [White House].”

Speaking of family ties, Ivanka shared an Instagram reel of her youngest son, Theodore James Kushner, seven, who is back in Miami with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

Visibly overjoyed, young Theodore showed off his celebrity-signed basketball card while wearing an NBA 32 Miami Jersey.

While a direct flight from Miami to New York is only three hours long, so Ivanka can be reunited with her son fairly quickly, there is a vast difference in the temperature.

Right now New York is hovering around the 1C temperature mark while Miami is noticeably warmer at around 12C, and reaching highs of 21C.

Meanwhile, Ivanka’s father, Donald Trump is raging over the court’s decision to award former Elle columnist E.Jean Carroll $83million (around £65million) for her defamation trial against him.

Donald Trump went on his Truth Social platform to decry Friday’s decision as “absolutely ridiculous” and that he would file for an appeal.

As for his Presidential re-election hopes, only time will tell if Trump sits in America’s White House once more.

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