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‘It’s embarrassing telling people my twins’ names – it can get awkward’

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A mum has shared her embarrassment about telling people the names of her twins. Hannah Lockhart, who shares her parenting journey on TikTok as @hannahlockhartt, said it feels strange to share such a personal choice.

She explained: “Something nobody prepared me for before I had children was that it feels slightly embarrassing to tell people your kid’s name.”

She named her children Hayes and Grady and added in a comment: “It’s the feeling of vulnerability of sharing my literal heart and soul!”

Many other mums have shown their support, saying they feel the same way.

One person said: “Yes! It’s like you are presenting your project to the class.” Another agreed: “This is so true.” Someone else shared: “Yes! I totally feel this. Especially when their names have meanings behind them.”

Another chimed in: “YES!! And feeling like you have to justify/clarify why you named them that…” And final commentator added: “Thank you!!!! I didn’t know others felt this way.”

Elsewhere, someone admitted: “I’ve never felt this way about my kids names but I’ve felt this way about my tattoos.” Another confessed: “No I feel this same way about saying ‘My husband’ like. Idk it’s too personal.” A commenter reflected: “I imagine this is how artists feel revealing a new song or painting!”

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