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‘I’m a business coach – here are my tips to change your money mindset – and life’ | Personal Finance | Finance

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A business coach has shared her tips to improve your money mindset to find the confidence to ask for a pay rise or otherwise improve your finances.

Coach Tara Rule said her clients often have unhelpful beliefs around money such as the idea that people who think money is important are greedy.

She said: “If you believe money is bad or scarce or you believe you need to work every hour under the sun in order to make money, stop and challenge that belief.

“Because I believe that none of those things are true. I believe money is good. There is an abundance of money.

“You don’t have to work really, really hard to earn money. If you find something you love and you’re passionate about and you build that strength and you turn that into a superpower, you can help people and earn at the same time.”

She said when she started her business, she had to confront the idea in her mind that people who make lots of money are immoral and only become rich by taking advantage of people.

She said this was partly because her dad, who also ran a business, would often say he was not a success because he was too nice.

Ms Rule said: “I was telling myself a story which was I can’t be a nice person and be successful.

“I had a realisation last year that my dad passed away with me, my mum, both my brothers next to him, telling him how much we loved him.

“If that’s not success, I don’t know what is.”

She said some of her clients have gone on to great success by changing their attitude to money.

Ms Rule said: “I’ve had clients who have started their own business, I’ve had clients who have decided to go for promotions.

“One of my first clients ever – I used to mentor her years before I became a qualified coach – she sent me a bunch of flowers when she got offered a job.

“She sent me a message saying I applied for my dream job and I got it, thanks to you helping me believe in myself.”

Ms Rule has just published her first book, Stop Apologising, to help people who are overly apologetic at work or in other areas of their life, to be more confident and authentic.

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