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I purchased an automatic litter tray for my cats – is it worth the hefty £1k price tag?

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Keeping on top of cleaning a litter tray is a basic pet owner requirement, but having indoor cats means this is required multiple times a day.

Due to having multiple cats, multiple litter trays are also needed, which can be even harder to keep on top of.

This is why I invested in a Litter-Robot 4 Clean Bundle which was £1,000, or £749 if you purchase it without the bundle.

The bundle comes with the automatic litter tray, waste drawer liners, odour traps, cleaner wipes, steps to make it easier for the feline as well as a litter mat.

Essentially, Litter-Robot means you never have to scoop litter again with its automatic, self-cleaning technology which quietly provides a fresh bed of litter after every use.

This helps to reduce odour as well as litter tracking. You can also connect the robot to an app on your phone to receive pet monitoring updates.

This has been extremely useful in a multi-cat household as it will let you know if your feline hasn’t visited in a while, which could be a cause for concern.

I wasn’t quite prepared for how large the device was going to be but it has been designed to be suitable for large cats, and my large cat fits in it perfectly.

The clumping litter is simply filled up to the lines shown inside the Litter-Robot and the cats can use it as and when they please.

Once a cat visits the litter tray and exits, it begins the cleaning process where it slowly rotates to empty any waste.

It then slowly rotates back without any of the dirty litter with deposits into the waste collection drawer at the bottom.

The app lets you know when the tray needs emptying, litter needs filling up or the sensors need to be cleaned.

The litter tray bags are quite pricey at £25 for 25 bags or £35 for 50 bags, but I do only tend to use one a week so a roll lasts a while.

Overall, I do think the Litter-Robot was worth the price tag, especially if I had purchased it without the bundle as my cats do not use the stairs to enter the robot.

It has meant I’ve not had to scoop dirty litter again, only spot cleaning as and when, deep cleaning it around once every three weeks.

My cats took to the litter box pretty fast, although one is still quite hesitant when it rotates on its own.

There are also much cheaper brands on the market, such as ones on Amazon, but I decided to invest in Litter-Robot due to the thousands of positive reviews.

My cats love the litter tray and I as a cat owner, find my job much easier and less stressful, especially if I’m out for the day.

I have also saved so much money on litter since purchasing back in December, one small bag can last for a couple of weeks.

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