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I bought a mystery box from Amazon and was left speechless

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Hand covering boxed delivery

I ordered a Mystery Electronics Box on Amazon – and was left speechless! (Image: Molly Dowrick/WalesOnline)

We’re all familiar with the old adage, “You get what you pay for”.

However, I often find myself irresistibly drawn to bargains, sales and discounts – or the tantalising prospect of bagging a fantastic deal!

Recently, I came across Amazon’s “mystery boxes”.

Despite the mixed reviews for the various types available, I decided to take the plunge and see what treasures I could unearth.

I’m sure there are those who have hit the jackpot with these boxes, receiving more than they anticipated – the promotional images certainly suggest a cornucopia of gadgets and gifts spilling out of them.

a red 'lucky box'

Inside the packaging was this red ‘lucky box’ (Image: Molly Dowrick/WalesOnline)

There’s a wide range of mystery boxes on Amazon, and a few weeks ago I bought the WAGLOS “Waglos mystery electronic box” for £28.90.

The description and image of the box listed a plethora of potential items you could discover inside, including an iPhone, a smartwatch, headphones, a TV and an X-Box, reports Wales Online. While I wasn’t expecting these high-ticket items, I remained hopeful.

My mystery box arrived a few weeks after I placed my order, and my initial thought was that the package on my doormat was rather small. “No matter,” I reassured myself. “It could still contain something thrilling. Wouldn’t it be incredible if I found something truly spectacular?!”

earphones and a watch

The first discovery was a pair of earphones (Image: Molly Dowrick/WalesOnline)

Inside my Amazon mystery box

The first discovery was a pair of earphones, the SAYN A6 “bass heavy headset” to be exact, touting “excellent sound quality”. 

In a frenzy, I ripped open the package to find a small box cocooned in an excessive amount of bubble wrap. This was intriguing surely they wouldn’t bother with such protection for something worthless?

Nestled within the protective layers was a red A5-sized box emblazoned with “lucky box”, “box for you”, and some unintelligible foreign script. Eagerly, I stripped away the sellotape, my hopes high.

Alas, those hopes were dashed in an instant. The box was far from packed; it contained a mere two items, a far cry from the cornucopia promised by the Amazon listing.

Despite the packet depicting three different audio jacks, only the standard one was present which was useless for my iPhone, though functional with my laptop.

The second treasure unearthed from my mystery box was a sizeable timepiece. Sporting a hefty watchface paired with a brown leather strap, it’s likely marketed as a gent’s accessory and indeed has a rather dapper look though it’s missing a recognisable brand label.

Luckily, it ticks away thanks to an included battery and arrived nestled in an understated yet elegant gift box, making it a potential present for someone special.

Is it worth buying an Amazon mystery box?

I’m all for the thrill of the unknown and occasionally rolling the dice on life’s little gambles, however, this time around, the risk didn’t quite yield the desired returns.

Much like the potluck of a Lucky Dip at your local fair or village fete, the contents of these mystery boxes are hit or miss – and shelling out nearly £30, I had hoped for either an additional surprise or an item with a touch more value.

The exact mystery box I opted for is currently sold out, but if you’re feeling lucky and want to try your hand at a ‘BURLOE Waglos Mystery Electronic Box’, you can snag one on Amazon for £30.90. Who knows, you might uncover tech treasures like computers, gaming consoles, or smartphones!

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