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How to properly clean a duvet with easy and simple £6 solution

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Duvets are larger bedding, making them trickier to clean. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. There are different methods out there to get your duvet pristine.

Wanting to know how to clean their own duvet, an individual headed over to the advice platform Reddit to seek some tips on how to clean up the bedding after an incident outside of their control occurred.

They wrote: “How can a duvet be washed/cleaned? My dog threw up on it last night – it didn’t have a duvet cover on it as that was in the wash.

“So now I have a small brown stain on the duvet. Obviously when the cover is back on the stain will be hidden but it would be great to clean it/ wash it – I assume that it can’t go in the washing machine?”

Reddit users gave some advice in the comments section.

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“Unless it’s a particularly large duvet or a particularly small washing machine – in which case you might want to take it the launderette.”

Seconding that, someone else said: “I’m sure it can go in the washing machine just check the label.”

And another person chimed in: “Most summer duvets will fit in most washing machines.

“If it’s your thick winter duvet might be worth going to one of those launderettes that have massive machines. They even have coin/card operated ones on some petrol stations.”

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