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How to look younger: Daily habit ‘smooths fine lines and prevents puffiness’

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Whether you’re tired, a little rundown or dehydrated, it is no wonder that we often have dark circles under our eyes.

However, for those who want to say goodbye to the colour under our eyes, it seems like a big business.

The hashtag #DarkCirclesUnderEyes has over 47,000 posts on Instagram. Meanwhile, there are 13,400 posts on TikTok with people searching for the ultimate under-eye hack.

So to tackle the anti-ageing problem, we spoke to Geraldine McColgan, a head spa educator and naturopathic nutritionist from skincare brand Carol Joy London.

She has shared her expert tips on how to keep those pesky dark circles at bay.

Remember your eye cream

Ok, we admit that we often forget to add this to our skincare routine but here is why we shouldn’t. “To ensure the perfect base for your under-eye makeup, you need a good eye cream,” McColgan said.

“It can prevent products, like concealer and foundation, from becoming cakey or settling in fine lines.” Retinol is a great ingredient to look out for when it comes to eye creams.

McColgan explained: “It can help to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen, which in turn smooths fine lines and wrinkles.”

Retinol also increases cell turnover, helping to brighten your under-eye area. She added: “When it comes to eye creams, caffeine is another hero ingredient to look out for. It aids with lymphatic drainage and microcirculation to reduce dark circles and prevent puffiness.”

Break out the ice cubes

Icing your face has become very popular in recent years, with the hashtag #IceFacial features in over 42,900 posts on TikTok.

“Whole ice facials have many benefits, but just icing the area around your eyes can also help to reduce any puffiness,” McColgan said.

“However, if you have broken capillaries, you should avoid icing your skin as it can worsen irritation and redness.

“A cold compress or flannel soaked in cool water will have a similar effect, without being as harsh on sensitive skin. You could also try a cooling eye cream to achieve a similar soothing feeling.”

Get ready to roll

“Using a facial roller encourages lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce under-eye puffiness,” the pro revealed. “Use the roller to exert only light pressure on your skin – do not push or pull at your skin. This will trigger your lymphatic system, helping to drain away excess fluid.

“The process of a facial massage using a roller can also be rejuvenating. Try using a facial roller in the evening (after you’ve applied your night moisturiser) for about five minutes for a little pick-me-up.

All you have to do is massage gently under the eye, then out and around, following the bone structure above your eye. A facial roller can also have brightening effects on your skin, helping to lift your under-eye area.

“The roller will encourage blood flow throughout your face, which helps to brighten your skin,” she added.

“This kind of treatment can also help with dark under-eye circles that are purple in colour. Purple under-eye bags usually indicate that your adrenals (small glands located near your kidneys) need extra support. I would recommend a light massage around the eyes, as well as yoga, meditation and sound baths to treat this specific concern, helping to de-stress your body and your skin.”

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