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Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for February 2

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Your ties with a group or society which once inspired you are now too much of a bind. You might decide to delegate some of your responsibilities and reduce commitments to this area or pull out altogether. Due to various complications, the latter will not be an easy thing to do.


Even in the face of some challenging situations, difficult relationships and tense moments, you will find the strength within to keep going until you get through this. It might feel like you’re in a losing battle but all will work out to your advantage in the end.


There’s a difference between tittle-tattle and having a constructive and helpful conversation. You may have to trust someone with information you should be keeping to yourself but in this instance it is necessary in order for you to get their opinion about something you cannot handle on your own.


Disagreements in the home continue. You’re growing tired of hearing the same argument again and again. It might be tempting to tell someone what you really think of them but remember: the least said, the sooner it will be mended.


After some meaningful conversations, everything will now start to slot neatly into place. You never thought you would see the day when you have more control of events. At last you can make decisions independently of someone who has been trying to take over your life.


You will get a chance to renew a relationship or to take up an offer you turned down in the past. It might help to detach yourself from some situations in order to get a broader view. There was a reason you once walked away. Do you need to be reminded of this now?


You’ve been thinking about making some changes in your career and a job vacancy that comes up today will attract your attention. It will be possible in the early stages to apply for this job without your current employer getting to know about it.


A friend’s caustic comments will take you by surprise. This will be uncharacteristic of them and because you hadn’t expected such a harsh assessment of your situation, you won’t be able to think of how to respond until much later after they have gone on their merry way.


A joint effort is not going as quickly as you had expected. You’re starting to lose patience with other members of your team. This is a challenge that can be resolved. Take some time to evaluate how you are encouraging, discouraging and supporting others.


It will be frustrating having to work alongside someone who lacks the skills or knowledge that is necessary to carry out the task in hand. You might wonder why they were assigned this duty or why they volunteered for this in the first place. It may be that they are hoping to learn from you.


In an effort to be independent you may have to go against what some people are expecting of you. If, in the past, you received their help and support, it’s important to let them know you are grateful despite your needing now to go off in a different direction.


Taking part in a group project will be a useful learning experience. Not only are you having a lot of fun but you are gaining new skills and knowledge through being one of a team. What might surprise you, is that you seem also to have a skill you can teach to others.

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