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HMRC letter worth £2,212 warns take action now or ‘payments will stop’ | Personal Finance | Finance

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HMRC is sending letters to more than 1 million parents to remind them to re-apply for Child Benefit – or risk losing their payments.

The taxman is writing to 1.4million parents between May 24 and July 17 t tell them they need to renew their claim for the benefit or it will automatically be stopped in August.

This is because Child Benefit, which is £1,331 a year for the first child, and £881 a year for each additional child, for a total of £2,212, only applies for children aged up to 16 in full-time education. But when the child turns 16, the claim is then stopped unless parents renew their claim.

In order to continue being eligible once the child turns 16, they must continue in education or training, up to a maximum age of 19.

Parents will begin receiving the letters on Friday but have until August 31 to make the claim.

HMRC warned: “Parents have until 31 August to take action or their payments will automatically stop. Letting HMRC know digitally that a child is continuing in education is the quickest way to get it sorted, with no need to contact us by phone or post.

“If a customer has not received their letter by 17 July, there is no need to worry – if eligible, they can still extend their Child Benefit claim via GOV.UK or the HMRC app.”

Myrtle Lloyd, HMRC’s Director General for Customer Services, said: “Child Benefit is an important financial support for many families, so make sure you don’t miss out on any payments if your teenager intends to continue approved education or training. You can quickly and easily extend your claim online or via the HMRC app, just search ‘Child Benefit when your child turns 16’ on GOV.UK.”

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