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Hairdresser suggests 3 changes to add ‘body’ and volume

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Hairdresser Philipp Haug, winner of London Hairdresser of the Year and salon owner of Haug London Haug, encourages “one-length hairstyles”.

“What works best for thinning hair that’s already fine is to keep it as heavy to the perimeter as possible,” said Philipp, referencing the ends of a haircut.

This “means keeping it as one length”, he explained, which could be a “bob, which is so on trend right now but always looks classic”.

Philipp added: “Or it could be any one-length cut which can be done literally in any length.” This means you don’t always have to go shorter, which tends to go against the standard beauty ideals of long, glossy locks. 

He elaborated: “As a rule, on finer hair, the shorter the cut, the fuller it will look so shorter styles can work really well and will allow you to get volume at the roots as there’s less weight in the style.”

“There’s a couple of good techniques to add texture to limp hair,” said Philipp. To add movement, the clever placement of colour can really make a difference.

Philipp explained: “Think about how contouring with make-up can change the shape of the face; we can do a similar thing with hair colour to enhance limp hair.”

The professional suggested opting for lighter hues to help add “more texture and volume”.

“It’s a mousse for volume and body but it’s perfect for anybody who doesn’t want to have their hair look like they’ve used mousse.”

Philipp said the mousse “gives some very gentle, but beautiful natural hold” to the hair.

As for thinning hair in general, Philipp said: “Generally, women’s hair quality can be affected by everything from stress, diet, hormones, menopause, medication, and environment – the list goes on.

“It’s best to have a comprehensive diagnosis including blood tests, biopsy and trichoscopy [to get to the root issue].”

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