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Gladiator 2 trailer release date announced with epic first look cast pictures | Films | Entertainment

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A quarter of a century on from when Sir Ridley Scott shot Russell Crowe in Roman epic Gladiator and the 86-year-old director is back with the sequel.

First-look pictures have been released today, which you can check out below with Paul Mescal leading the cast.

The Oscar-nominee stars as Lucius Verus, the former heir to the Empire who was previously portrayed by Spencer Treat Clark in the original movie.

Connie Nielsen reprises his mother Lucilla in the new blockbuster, which received an incredible first reaction, alongside an impressive cast.

Denzel Washington co-stars as Macrinus, a former slave turned wealthy merchant.

Meanwhile, Pedro Pascal plays Marcus Acacius, a former military commander forced to fight as a gladiator due to his insubordination.

The film is set during the reign of co-emperors Geta and Caracalla, played by Joseph Quinn and Fred Hechinger.

Additionally, Derek Jacobi returns as Senator Gracchus, who is against the Imperial court’s corruption.

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