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Get soft, smooth and younger-looking feet with podiatrist’s surprising tip

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With age, feet may start to become dry, cracks might form, as well as calluses and bunions.

While you can take care of your hair, face, neck and hands, it’s also important to look after your feet to not give your age away.

Good foot care is essential if you want your tootsies to feel soft and supple, as well as to look good.

One surprising piece of advice from podiatrist expert Molly Chilvers is that “it’s important to use a specialist foot care cream… not just a regular body lotion”.

Molly said: “To keep the skin on our feet supple and soft, you really need to make footcare part of your regular beauty regime.”

For dry feet that suffer from hard skin, corns and cracked heels, there’s one foot cream in particular Molly recommends. As brand ambassador for Footmender®All in One, Molly explained why she loves the product.

“You will notice a difference after just one use,” Molly beamed, who added how everyday stressors take its toll on the feet.

“We expose our feet to a variety of stresses in terms of standing, walking, exercising and we do not always wear comfortable shoes,” said Molly.

“If the skin on the feet is also dry and therefore less elastic, slight cracks occur as the skin cannot stretch to allow the heel to expand slightly when it is subjected to pressure and stress.”

Calluses, on the other hand, “appear when we subject our feet to friction and pressure”.

Molly added: “The most common cause of calluses is ill-fitting shoes.” This is especially true for those who play sports or wear heels.

“When the skin’s natural cell renewal process is disrupted in some way, it can no longer shed dead skin cells and these form a hard layer,” Molly explained.

“In connection with this, the skin becomes dry, and calluses appear. If these calluses are not treated, they can cause pain and lead to painful cracks.”

Molly added: “Footmender® All in One replaces former treatments for dry feet, calluses, corns and cracked heels as the product can treat all these ailments simultaneously.”

As well as using good foot cream every day, good foot care involves “washing and drying them thoroughly [every day], checking them frequently, and cutting the toenails properly”.

Podiatrist Expert Molly Chilvers BS.c MRCPod and Brand Ambassador for Footmender® All in One recommends Footmender® All in One (100 ml), RRP: £28.99.

Alternatives include Blomma Beauty, Silvan Skincare Foot Cream, RRP £16.00 100ml, and Boots Deep Moisturising Foot Cream – 100ml, £4.25.

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