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Get ‘soft fluffy towels’ and ‘lift grime and dirt’ without harsh chemicals

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Rough towels can be the result of using too much detergent when washing, since the detrgent doesn’t get a chance to completely rinse out during the wash cycle.

This leaves your towels with a residue that can make them rigid and prickly. And there are some ways you can achieve soft, fluffy towels and target the dirt in them without using harsh chemicals, according to a content creator.

Muna Nijmeh, who goes by @my_styled_living on her socials, often posts about home decor, cleaning, organizing, seasonal ideas, and recipes. In an Instagram post, she shared how to get your towels silky soft.

“If you want soft, fluffy towels then do this,” Muna said in her upload. She instructed viewers to fill their detergent only halfway and replace their fabric softener with vinegar.

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People left their comments on the helpful hack.

One grateful person wrote: “Absolutely love this one. Thank you for always sharing amazing tips and hacks Muna.”

Another person with some additional information said: “Vinegar is great for softening towels and removes built-up detergent and softener. I use vinegar all over the house. A natural cleaner.”

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