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‘Fighting neighbours are driving me mad – I can feel the house shake’

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A resident has revealed how their neighbours’ explosive arguments and incessant door-slamming are driving them mad.

The troubled individual took to Reddit where they explained the noise had become so disruptive, it affects their sleep and work-from-home routine. The disgruntled neighbour said the stress is even causing them to experience health issues.

“I have neighbours below me who loooooove to slam their internal doors whenever they’re in a bad mood, sometimes at 7 am sometimes as late as 11 pm,” they said.

“There’s a Jerry Springer level fight (door slamming included) every couple of days or weeks and I’m exhausted. These doors take an active effort to slam, I’ve tried it and you have to actually stand there and pull it shut quickly to slam it.”

While the resident has taken steps to protect their peace, they said nothing they do can stop the disturbances. “I live with earplugs and headphones in and that’s fine but it’s the jolting of my floor and furniture that’s driving me mad, especially while I’m trying to sleep or WFH. Any tips on how to handle this situation? These people are clearly unhinged (sorry for the pun).”

Another user said they had suffered a similar plight. They chimed in: “Really feel for you. I have the same neighbours, slam doors all day long but I live in a house and they own theirs so it’s a lot harder to do anything about it.

“I hate confrontation but have approached them in the past about the noise and nothing has changed. I’m on edge at home bracing myself for the next loud bang and my anxiety is through the roof!”

Meanwhile one person offered a more practical suggestion. They said: “If it’s during quiet hours make an anonymous call to the cops for a welfare check. Then play dumb if confronted about it.”

Unfortunately, the original poster said this was not an option. “They are super well behaving during quiet hours, they can manage to behave then just not the rest of the time,” they said.

A third user opened up on a similar situation they had found themselves in. “I have obnoxious neighbours across from me who scream/argue at least 3-4 days a week and slam doors,” they said.

“I started documenting instances of it occurring and how it occurs as a baseline for a week, then wrote an email to my apartment complex about the issue because it was stressing my cats out to the point where one was pulling his fur out, and the other developed bladder crystals from stress.

“I also have called a welfare check (regardless of quiet hours or not) because I could hear them screaming and I genuinely wondered if they were alright, and selfishly I couldn’t take it anymore. I think that combo has deterred the slamming bc the apartment reached out to them and said that they took care of the issue. Your neighbours need to know they’re not the only people in the building.”

The original poster later added the stress of the matter causing them to lose hair, gain weight and suffer from high blood pressure.

“They like to also put their bathroom fan on whenever they yell or door slam or are in a bad mood (seemingly in an attempt to bother me),” they furthered. “I know they aren’t having 1 hour showers 5+ times per day… They’re generally inconsiderate and I think they are doing it on purpose.

“I just have been trying to avoid making a formal complaint and I don’t know how none of their other neighbours have complained yet/ I’m wondering if I’m too sensitive or if maybe the other neighbours places are frequently vacant.”

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