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Expert warns against common no-no’s to secure Glastonbury tickets after release delayed

After Glastonbury Festival’s recent ticket release delays, fans are anxiously anticipating their chance to secure their long-awaited passes.

Nationwide, music lovers are bracing themselves for potential disappointments, foreseeing the different outcomes they could face this Thursday.

Dodgy Wi-Fi connections and sluggish broadband speeds could all jeopardise the chances of securing tickets, but an expert has outlined exactly what not to do in an adverse situation.

Community Fibre, London’s fastest full-fibre broadband, curated the top 5 most common pitfalls to avoid to get the highest chance at successfully snagging those coveted Glastonbury tickets.

Contrary to common belief, attempting to navigate the ticket queue on multiple browser tabs can significantly diminish your chances of securing a ticket, or worse, halt the process entirely.

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The presence of multiple tabs can create confusion in the ticket sales process, potentially leading to transaction failures during the purchasing stage.

The phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth” holds true for securing Glastonbury tickets.

When multiple devices share the same Wi-Fi router, the connection is strained by the traffic, pushing you further back in the ticket queue and decreasing the likelihood of progressing to the purchase stage.

Despite frustration with your connection or your position in the ticket queue, resist the urge to restart your router.

A loss in connection will reset the entire process, forfeiting your place in the queue. You’ll be compelled to start anew, potentially from the back of the line.

Optimise your Wi-Fi router placement by positioning it higher up. Avoid rooms cluttered with metal objects and gadgets, as these can impede your broadband connection.

Place the router in the least populated room, on a shelf, and watch the tickets flow in.

Even if your friends have deactivated their phones and laptops, lurking devices like game consoles and TVs can consume your connection in the background.

Power off everything (at the mains!)—it might be inconvenient on that day, but rest assured, you’ll be front and centre, dancing at the Pyramid Stage in no time.

Glastonbury Festival 2024 is set to take place on June 26-30, 2024 at Worthy Farm with a raised price of £360 for standard tickets.

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