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Expert shares 15-second trick for perfect parallel parking

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Are you a nervous driver? If so, then parallel parking can be the stuff of nightmares.

It’s all about aligning your vehicle parallel to the kerb, usually to fit snugly between two other parked cars. Just whisper ‘parallel parking’ and watch learner drivers quake in their boots.

Yet, mastering this manoeuvre can turn it from a feared challenge into an effortless routine – essential for snagging that elusive space on a crowded street.

TikTok sensation @tonggeshuoche is a treasure trove of driving wisdom, and in a viral clip, he divulged a foolproof method for nailing parallel parking every single time.

The savvy social media star promises that with just 15 seconds to learn his technique, you’ll be parking like a pro.

To start, “drive forward along the parking space lines” until your rearview mirror aligns with the first car of the two you want to park between. Then, crank “the steering wheel full to the right” and begin to reverse.

He advised: “When the left rearview mirror sees the corner” of the car’s bonnet, it’s time to “reset” the steering wheel. Continue reversing until the “tyre touches the white line, turn the steering wheel full to the left, keep reversing” and glide into the spot.

Remember, the RAC insists you must signal with your indicator before even considering parallel parking. Ensure there’s a generous two feet of space at both ends.

The driving tip video became an internet sensation, hailed as “very helpful” by scores of viewers. Yet, some experienced motorists offered a warning: “Never turn a car while it’s still. You destroy the rubber of your tires that way.”

According to The Highway Code, “turning the steering wheel when the car is stationary can cause unnecessary wear to the tyres and steering mechanism”. This practice is known as ‘dry steering’.

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