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Motorists could save money on fuel by following these easy changes laid out by Fuel expert Gordon Wallis from InterFuels. Mr Wallis said: “With petrol prices now at just under 145p per litre and diesel at about 150p per litre, drivers have a chance to reduce their fuel expenses.

“These prices reflect a slight decrease from earlier in the month, yet the cost of filling up remains substantial.

“Despite falling for the second consecutive month, fuel prices are still higher than they should be.”

Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel Cards

Mr Wallis recommended using fuel cards to further boost savings. Some fuel cards offer savings on the cost of petrol and diesel, often resulting in paying less than the price displayed at the pump.

He said: “Drivers can typically save around two to three pence per litre on the national average pump price. When multiplied across a fleet of company cars and vans or an HGV haulier, this can amount to significant savings each year. The exact savings depends on the card you choose, so it is important to find the best fuel card to suit your needs.”


Mr Wallis said: “Fuel economy can be improved by simple measures such as maintaining proper tyre pressure and reducing unnecessary weight in the vehicle. By keeping the car’s load light and ensuring tyres are in good condition, drivers can reduce fuel consumption by a noticeable margin.”

Driving techniques

Efficient driving techniques can make a significant impact on fuel savings.

Mr Wallis said: “Gradually accelerating, avoiding harsh braking, and maintaining a steady speed in the highest possible gear can improve fuel efficiency. Small adjustments in driving habits can result in considerable savings over time.”

AC Use

The fuel expert recommended avoiding excessive use of air conditioning and removing roof racks when not in use are practical steps to reduce fuel consumption.

He said: “These actions reduce the load on the engine and minimise aerodynamic drag, respectively, leading to better fuel efficiency.”



Mr Wallis said that carpooling and using car-sharing apps can offer not only cost savings but also environmental benefits.

He said: “By sharing rides, you can significantly lower your travel expenses while contributing to reduced traffic congestion and lower emissions.”

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