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EON issues message to energy customers to claim £172 boost | Personal Finance | Finance

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Energy firm EON has sent a message to customers today to tell them they will be handed a £172 boost from July.

Energy regulator Ofgem has set the prices for UK households’ gas and electricity bills from July 1, and the good news is that the average variable tariff will reduce by £122 per year, or 7 percent.

Most households are still on variable tariffs because there simply weren’t any fixed deals worth taking during the cost of living crisis as gas and electricity prices spiralled, so most people are still on the standard variable tariff which is dictated by the price cap.

But today E.On has written to its customers to tell them that they can get an even better deal than the price cap using its E.On Next Pledge tariff.

Because the Pledge tariff is guaranteed to track £50 below whatever the price cap is, it means E.On customers can get £172 off their bills from July, instead of £122.

The firm said: “E.ON Next has announced a reduction in its prices, in line with the latest price cap taking effect from 1st July, which could see a typical dual fuel customer on its ‘E.ON Next Flex’ tariff save around £122 on an average yearly bill.

“Customers on its ‘E.ON Next Pledge’ tariff will get greater benefit from the reduction in prices as the innovative tracker product offers a further £50 saving below the price cap level, meaning a possible annual saving of £172 for customers who choose to switch to the tariff from July compared to current cap prices.”

Julian Lennertz, Chief Commercial Officer at E.ON Next, said: “I’m really proud we’re able to deliver for our customers even more by living up to our reputation of being a ‘playmaker’ – meaning we’re taking real action to make energy more affordable.”

Next Pledge is a 12 month fix that is guaranteed to stay £50 below whatever the price cap is and is available to both new and existing customers.

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