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‘Elvis Presley lost everything except one thing before he died’ claims Jon Bon Jovi | Music | Entertainment

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Jon Bon Jovi has spoken about his love of Elvis Presley in the new four-part Disney+ documentary, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.

During episode two, the 62-year-old frontman is interviewed at home while recovering from his vocal surgery, reflecting on his own mortality and career.

The singer said: “I saw the Elvis movie. I LOVED the Elvis movie.

“I realised how many things that I’d forgotten, but was very conscious of in my career that I had lifted from Elvis.

“And how many things in that movie touched my life directly.”

Bon Jovi continued: “Lisa Marie came to see me recording Young Guns. She was a kid. Priscilla had called me to do something after he had passed, which I didn’t do.

“We met [Elvis’ manager] the Colonel. The Colonel said to [our manager] Doc McGhee, ‘How do you make any money out of five them there Bon Jovis?’ Which I think is one of the great quotes ever.

“And then you forgot how great [Elvis] was. And he was young. He was 42 when he died and yet he could sing right until the end. He never lost his voice. Lost everything else, but his voice.”

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