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Elgato’s new Stream Deck is on sale for the first time and $15 off

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Last week saw healthy savings on Elgato’s jumbo Stream Deck XL macro pad controller for serious Twitch streamers and power users, but today’s best deal is a chance for us normies to feast. That’s because the recently launched Elgato Stream Deck Neo is selling for just $84.99 ($15 off) at Best Buy, Target, and direct from Elgato. This is the first time the nifty controller has gone on sale since its introduction in April, making it a great value option that shouldn’t feel too limiting to advanced users.

The Stream Deck Neo is designed to sit on your desk beside your computer or laptop and offer all kinds of useful shortcuts when it comes to livestreaming (e.g., cycling through scenes in OBS) or just getting things done on your computer (like quickly muting yourself on a Zoom call). You can fully customize the functions of its eight LCD keys, and with two capacitive buttons, you’re able to thumb through an infinite number of pages of more macros. Plus, unlike any other Stream Decks, the Neo has an info display for glanceable viewing of things like the time and day.

Stream Decks are a popular choice among streamers, but it just makes a lot of sense to have physical keys for quick access to shortcuts on your computer — ones that don’t require pressing a convoluted combination on your keyboard.

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