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Easter egg habits revealed – including which part of UK keeps them in fridge

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It turns out a mere 4% of us crack theirs directly on their heads to get into it as quickly as possible. Well, that’s one way to do it I guess.

However, the one stat that surprised us is one in ten admit to eating an Easter egg a month before the holiday.

But we’re something we could be guilty of is that almost half of the shoppers said that they devoured a chocolate egg that was actually meant for someone else.

Let’s not forget a third who admitted to having no self-control and tucking into a sweet treat as soon as possible.

Aldi also found that a quarter of the UK plan on eating at least FOUR chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday. Now that is a lot of chocolate to get through.

We’re here for the 7% who admitted to hiding their Easter eggs from other family members.

One particular part of the survey which is surely set to divide households though is where do you store your chocolate? Do you put it in the fridge or cupboard?

It seems like a quarter of us prefer to keep it chilled in the fridge. In particular, people from Armagh, Northern Ireland (50%), Hereford (38%), Derry (33%), Inverness (29%) and Chester (29%) being the most likely to keep them there.

How will you be tucking into your chocolate egg this year?

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