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Beauty experts share 5 minute tip for ‘more youthful looking skin

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Ageing is unavoidable but with the right approach to skincare, women don’t need to be content with growing old gracefully.

It’s common knowledge that skincare is a necessity to minimise wrinkles and fine lines, but it’s not associated with instant results.

However, according to co-founders of Ella & Jo Cosmetics, Niamh Ryan and Charlene Flanagan, there is such thing as a quick fix to look younger.

The beauty experts branded their “at-home anti-ageing hack” known as facial massage a “cheap and easy” practice for those with mature skin.

Niamh and Charlene noted that all that’s needed is two simple tools.

They said: “Simply grab some coconut oil and some cold spoons from the fridge and, along with using your hands, massage the face to drain toxins, reduce puffiness, increase circulation and blood flow to help reveal a brighter, firmer and more youthful looking skin.”

When it comes to coconut oil, the unrefined kind is best for skin and hair care rather than those used for cooking.

Before doing any facial massage, it’s best to start with completely clean and dry skin that’s free from makeup or dirt.

Anti-ageing facial massage

To reap the full benefits of anti-ageing facial massage, there are a few key points to hit, according to Niamh and Charlene.

They said: “Warm up the coconut oil in your hands, a little goes a long way. Start at the collar bone and work up along your jawline towards your ear applying firm pressure with your fingertips and knuckles along the jawline.

“Always remember to start at the bottom and work up and out for drainage.”

They continued: “Next, lightly tap along the orbital bone (eye socket) with the fingertips underneath your eye to reduce puffiness and reduce dark circles.

“Work from the inner part of the eye beside your nose out to your ears to flush out toxins. Pinch along your eyebrows to release tension and stimulate the muscles to prevent sagging.

“Finally, remove the coconut oil thoroughly with a damp warm microfibre cloth and pat, but don’t rub the skin dry with a clean towel.”

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