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Airbnb compared to Willy Wonka scene after review leaves readers in stitches

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Have you ever spotted an Airbnb online and thought – ‘that looks nice, I’ll book that.’

And then you turn up looking forward to a change of scenery and a mini getaway to find out the place is not what it seems.

Well, this happened to Kane Hinge who took to TikTok and shared the moment.

The video, posted under the username @kanehinge, has since gone viral and gathered 1.4 million views so far. It sees Kane give his review of his Airbnb in England where he gets into the shower.

However, the only slight problem was there wasn’t much room to wash in it.

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Fans flocked to the comments section of the video leaving them in stitches even comparing it to the Augustus Gloop moment in Willy Wonka.

One person wrote: “Omg reminded me of willy wonka when he went up the tube.”

Another said: “It’s like the xray machines for babies.”

Someone else joked: “Like one of those super water slides at a theme park.”

A fourth said: “omg I’m screaming watched this too many times xx”

Meanwhile, some people went on to share their own experiences.

One person said: “When the council installed mine they put it so low you had to sit down to fit under it. Don’t know what the guy was thinking Imao.”

Another commented: “I once stayed in a monastery in Florence and I could barely bend down to wash my LEGS and I kept hitting my elbow on the sides it was like a locker.”

A third added: “I was told to soap the walls and spin.”

Someone else wrote: “I had a sitch like that, we had to switch rooms cause I could barely open the door and also get to the loo past the sink. It was messed up.”

Have you had a similar experience like this?

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