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Adele forced onto London tube for first time in years and admits it ‘scared’ her | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Thankfully, she added: “I got on the tube and I had a mask on.”

Adele also explained she had “lots of security guards” and “friends” with her to keep her from getting noticed.

“So we were all very under the radar,” she went on. “And I felt right at home. You’ll never guess what happened, but I f***ing fell asleep!”

Once she got off and started walking to the venue, Adele had to walk through “thousands and thousands of people”, and was soon recognised by several fans.

However, she admitted she was “f***ing out of time” and had to power through the crowd to catch the beginning of the Abba extravaganza.

The experience also seemed to alleviate Adele’s fears of London’s public transport.

“I wasn’t even scared to be on the tube,” she told her fans. “I loved it. It reminded me of my teenage years.”

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