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65 year old who swears by £10 Olay eye cream is ‘often told’ she ‘looks younger’

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The thin skin around the eye is one of the most easily affected areas by lifestyle triggers and ageing.

Tiredness and stress can show in the form of dark circles, dullness and puffiness, plus the under-eyes can often show ageing in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.

Olay’s products have stood the test of time, and over the years have become repeat purchases for fans of the brand.

While the products aren’t the cheapest out there, buying them when on offer is the best way to try them out without breaking the bank.

Boots’ £10 Tuesday sale event happens weekly, and sees almost 50 hair, skin and hygiene products reduced, and this week the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is part of the deal.

The eye cream fights the signs of fatigue with a plumping and cooling gel formula containing niacinamide, cucumber extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3.

It’s designed to suit all skin types and can be used in the morning for a refreshing boost or at night to hydrate the eyes and wake up without dark circles or under-eye bags.

The supercharged cream usually costs £24.99, so the £14.99 saving is worth taking advantage of if you were looking to replace your eye cream.

Shoppers are commenting on the cream, with 88 percent saying they’d recommend it.

aps48 said: ”Have always used Olay products for the past 50 years (originally Ulay!) and at 65 am often told I look younger! Genes might play a part but so has Olay I’m sure.”

AKMCL commented: ”A great product that absorbs well into the skin and softens the lines around the eye area.”

Shoppa26 also added: ”Cooling on the eye but not seen any fundamental difference. But great to get the chance to try it through Boots £10 Tuesday deals.”

Although some shoppers feel the cream has improved their eye area, others say that it hasn’t made enough of an impact to buy again at full price, however it could be worth getting an alternative like the e.l.f. Illuminating Eye Cream which is affordable and can keep being repurchased at the same price.

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