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62 year old who ‘usually buys Estee Lauder’ says £12 anti-ageing serum is ‘just as good’

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One thing all women have in common is ageing, and when searching for skincare, many are looking to retain a youthful appearance.

Beauty fans are becoming more aware of the right ingredients to use for fighting the signs of ageing, and how to incorporate them into daily skincare routines for long-term results.

When skincare was limited to fewer brands, it was more difficult to find affordable products that included powerful ingredients without having to splurge on high-end names, but cheaper brands are now giving them a run for their money.

Estee Lauder’s Night Repair serum is a long-term favourite with many, but some shoppers have discovered there’s an alternative that makes much less of an indent on the bank balance.

The recently launched Revolution night serum is a fraction of the cost at £12 compared with the £65 price point of Estee Lauder.

Buy: Revolution Pro Miracle Night Rescue Serum Advanced Complex (£12)

Revolution’s serum is the newest addition to its ‘Miracle’ range, which was preceded by the highly-praised day, night and eye creams.

While the packaging does look strikingly similar to Estee Lauder’s, it’s the formula and results that have shoppers talking.

The affordable product is powered by multiple powerful ingredients, including hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrates and keeps moisture locked in, plus peptides and squalane oil to help smooth the skin, and calming camomile oil.

92 percent of consumers tested also found that their skin looked plumped after four weeks of using the serum.

Shoppers are calling the serum ‘fabulous’ in reviews taken from Revolution’s website.

Lily said: ”Estee Lauder dupe but even better and even better price. I’m obsessed with it!!”

Julie W commented: ”Goodbye Estee Lauder hello Revolution…this serum is fabulous, it is easy to apply and smells nice. I am 62 and usually buy Estee Lauder but won’t anymore – this serum is just as good!”

Melody R also added: ”Firstly it smells incredible, it sinks into your skin like butter on hot toast and completely absorbs leaving your skin feeling like satin…. that’s without cream on top! Definitely a keeper!”

For an even more affordable alternative, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum is just £7.90, and keeping to a budget can make it easier to afford a whole skincare routine.

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