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51-year-old woman shares how to look younger – two tips are completely free

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Many believe that a 51-year-old woman called Mia McNeal has discovered the secret to without the need for Instagram filters.

She recorded herself on using half her screen with a filter and the other half showing “reality”.

To the surprise of viewers, there was little difference between the two sides, with comments pouring in about Mia being in her “Goddess era.”

An admirer queried: “Beautiful without the filter, what’s your secret?”, leading Mia to encapsulate her quintessential secrets to maintaining a youthful glow.

After the video attracted 3.4 million views, Mia took to the comments to share her secrets, reported the Mirror.

The magical trio included “Joy, good sex, and Cetaphil” – with the majority of the ingredients costing nothing.

For those who want the tangible product among her golden trio, Mia’s preferred Cetaphil cleanser can be purchased from Sainsbury’s for £7.50.

In response to Mia’s video, other ladies shared their practices for feeling and appearing younger.

One mentioned that she believes in the power of “three Ms” – mindest, meditation, and moisturising.

Lovely compliments like “best answer ever” were acknowledged by others. Another woman added humorously: “I have the Cetaphil/Joy and waiting on my husband for the other one! Hilarious.”

“I can do that”, a TikToker wrote, but others on her original video said that her “secret” was simply because “51 is not old”. They added: “80 to 90 is up in age. 51 is literally young.”

Some people thought her secret might be the makeup she had on in the videos, but lots of others just said how lovely Mia looked.

A few comments were not so kind, with one person saying: “Let’s see without make-up and then do the with/without filter”, but many people said she would look great no matter what.

One user commented: “You don’t need filters, you actually look so much better without them.”

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